African culture

Africans in Czech was found in 2017 as a nonprofit and non political organization for the purpose of unity, to fight against discrimination , to also fostering the understanding to the under-served population in Czech and the world via education about Africa. Our office at Bryksova 952/11 Praha 9 cerny most will serve the community through art,textiles, symbolic design presentations from all African countries, video shows , fashion shows, workshops and music. Our center is a meeting place for cultural events , exhibition of African tangible resources, research and display of innovations and inventions on African issues.

Our center in the Czech Republic would also offer services like student and tourist assistant, and interpretation support to immigrants coming into Czech Republic.

The center can host or offer services like an African cultural dance group, for events, including marriage, birth dates and other events.

African Cultural center Czech strive to advance international and intercultural understanding.

The center will seek to encourage African Czechs, and others to find with their heritage to enhance their self –esteem and to strive for commitment, discipline and achievements.

We are a non-profitable organization.
Thanks for your support.

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