All citizens who find themselves interested and can follow the aims of the union.

You should be at least 18 years old on the date of registering.

Both incoming student and Tourist or people coming into Czech Republic for study, Business or Tourism.

Any individual who registers for our services via our webpage will be picked and offered all the services he/she choses. When we received the customers booking, our worker will be dispatch to the airport.

Our worker will be wearing our uniform and carry the names of the customer on a writing spread sheet standing at the exit point of the airport .

AIC worker would be at the airport 30 minutes before time.

The customer should tell our organization via mail or call the number on our webpage but the customer would not be reimbursed, but would be offered the other services chosen.

The customer would not be reimbursed but should contact our company/organization via mail or mobile for the other services.

On our webpage there is a whatapp ,Viber, Skype id to contact the organization 24/7

The customer is advice to write the contact details of the organization and have it handy and move to the nearest police station at the airport and asked for help, they might call or contact us as soon as possible via mobile.

It's open to the public.

We are a non-profitable organization.
Thanks for your support.

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