Student Assist

Information on the Africzech students assistance school process

1. All student's who need AfriCzech students assistance has to be registered as a VIP MEMBER.

2. They need to fill the student admission form with all their credentials and faculty of prefers.

3. We will then proceed with their admission process after contacting them via mail or WhatsApp.

4. We will assist and advise the applicants during the admission and visa process but note Africzech do not give Visa.

5. Summer work placement in other European countries, England and U.S.A and charges may apply.

6. Short and Intensive English language courses in Great Britain or U.S.A for interested applicants and charges may apply.

7. Eligible for student grant.

8. Benefits from airport pick upon arrival.

9. Assist in documentation in Czech Republic.

10. The membership registration fee is non refundable.

11. The admission process is in two section.
a) Scholarship admission which is competitive and not all applicant will be admitted
b) School fee paying admission process is 100% secured.

We are a non-profitable organization.
Thanks for your support.

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