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The Africans in Czech Republic are supporting an annex association called AFRICA EXCELLENCE whose aim is to enhance love, hope, human reaction and above all equal reintegration into the society for people with special needs. We will enhance collective effort in order to provide a sustainable project for the benefit of all, that will change the lives of all the concerns. We will also support excellence in all domain of life.

Africans in Czech are now carrying a joint project with Africa Excellence in Cameroon. This project is to build a technical school for both handicaps and underprivileged children. This school will equipped them with skills they need to fit into the mainstream and be able to face the challenges of the 21st century. They will learn skills like electrical , carpentry, sewing , welding , Agriculture, hair dressing and craftsmanship. These sustainable development will enable those concerned to be ready to work, contribute to the society , and above all a better life. The positive effects of this program will be reducing urbanization,improve economic growth and avoiding youth to migrate to Europe. This project will instill in the children that discipline to enhance their psychomotor and cognitive development. It will also focus the children into various trade based as mentioned above in order to put a sustainable end to hunger and towards poverty alleviation. This initiative will drive towards both regional and national development.

So if you want African youth to stay back at home and contribute to their economic growth and not to MIGRATE TO EUROPE Please support us with 1 EURO or more monthly.

We are a non-profitable organization.
Thanks for your support.

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