Free masks to save Africans from Covid 19

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the AfriCzech z.s. has been producing and freely distributing face masks to Africans. The face mask has been used by several communities in Europe and other parts of the world to slow the spread of the corona virus.

In Africa, most of the population cannot afford the masks. Many cannot also meet their daily food needs. Africzech in it’s vision to change the livelihood of Africans has not stayed indifferent during this COVID-19 pandemic.

So far, Africzech Z.S. has already produced and shared face masks as part of our first activity against COVID-19.
We have already shared 7560 face masks in Cameroon and are currently producing more.

The second phase which will be starting soon will be provision of basic food items to the most vulnerable in various communities and countries in Africa. This is a heavy task that is demanding human and financial resources.

We are also asking all persons of good will to continue to support us to save humanity.

We are a non-profitable organization.
Thanks for your support.

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