Let’s give the disabled persons equal opportunities

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Our organization Africa Excellence z.s. that is based in Europe and has a branch in Cameroon has embarked on one of its missions of inclusiveness no matter how you look or how you were born. Our organization is focused on bridging the gap that exists between the rich and the poor, to improve the livelihood of all especially in Africa. As our commitment and passion to see that people of disability are inclusive and useful to the society, we have already distributed 79 wheelchairs to the disabled, for them to be able to move freely and carry out their day to day activities like others in Cameroon. However, we need more 200 manual and powered wheelchairs to distribute to the already identified persons.

This will cost:

  • 196 x manual wheelchairs (Karman 24 pounds Lt-980 Ultra Lightweight) which will cost 240 EUR per piece = 47 040 EUR
  • 4 x powered wheelchairs which will cost 3 700 EUR per piece = 14 800 EUR

Summing up to 61 840 EUR in total.

We are also planning a second phase of this project which will be to construct a vocational training centre for these disabled persons to help them acquire skills to move them out of poverty and suffering.

We are a non-profitable organization.
Thanks for your support.

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