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Problem/Actual condition (Situation) the project want to solve.
The Anglophone crisis in the North West and South West Regions has persisted for over three years now. There is also the insecurity un the North Region of Cameroon caused by the Boko Haram insurgency. The OCHA Cameroon office on the 30th of December 2019 stated that there are at least 4.3 million people in need and 922000 internal refugees in Cameroon. Moungo Division has been the safety hub to many of these refugees. Unfortunately, most of these refugees lack the basic skills that can help them to secure a means of livelihood. This has redered highly vulnerable to food insecurity and poor healthcare. This project aims to construct a training centre which will enroll at least 500 refugees regardless of their educational level and background to aquire skills in sewing and hadicrafts, agriculture and carpentary. This will facilitate their economic resettlement in their new environment while preventing them from engaging in waywards activities like drug abuse, robbery, prostitution, amongst other social ills. They will also be able to educate their children who have been deprived to study in their regions for closed to four years now. Vulnerable persons in the host community will also be involved in the project. Some of them include early mothers, orphans, street children and others.

Brief description of the problem(s) / populations (environment) needs / actual situation:
The “Anglophone crisis” in the North-West and South-West of Cameroon has brought with it several territorial incidences, notably the displacement of the population of these regions towards the Littoral, the Center and the West regions of Cameroon in search of peace, stability and socio-professional integration. Since 2017, there has been a marked increase in English-speaking population seeking refuge in Several neighborhoods of the Moungo Division. Several group of displaced people are identified: students, non-schoolers looking for socio-professional integration, mothers, children and some professionals seeking for shelter and reintegration. There also exist many young mothers (11 to 19 years old mothers), unemployed youth and street children. They lack basic skills and knowledge that can enable them to generate their own income to support their livelihood.

Proposed solution description:
The project involves the construction of a vocational training centre which includes a building to harbour the sewing, crafts and carpentary sections. A farming section will also be developed to cultivate food crops crops by and for the refugees. Hands-on training on the farm will also give the participating refugees the skills they need to set up their own farms and market their products efficiently after graduation from the centre. All the training is free of charge and Africzech will source volunteers and students to provide the best training quality to the refugees.

Main objective
To improve the livelihood of refugees and vulnerable persons through their empowerment and resettlement.

Specifics objectives

  • To construct a vocational training centre (Africzech centre) which includes a building to harbour the sewing, crafts and carpentary activities.
  • To equip the internal refugees and vulnerable persons with skills and knowledge on sewing, crafts carpentary activities and agricultural production.
  • A produce and commercialise food products at the Africzech centre.


  • The aquisition of income generating skills by internally refugees
  • Youth will be self-reliant through the generation of income to meet their basic needs
  • Increase in the supply of clothes, crafts and food products to the host and neighbouring communities
  • Reduction of unemployment among youth
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship among youth.

Youngster Anglophones / Francophones aged 15 to 35: 150
English-speaking girls not in school: 80
English-speaking moms displaced without shelter: 25

Sustainability approach description

  • Czech students (type and roles to be defined)
  • Volunteer students from various universities in Cameroon
  • IDPs
  • Africzech representatives.


ItemCost (Euro)
2Materials and equipment8.000

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