Solar Energy Harvesting


Africa is the most sun rich continent receiving 40% of the world total. It general and theorically it receives 60 000 000 TWH per year. Wherefore, solar harvesting will be the most appropriate measure to harness this great deal of energy.

Large spaces can be used for solar panel fields then the electrical energy is then fed to the national grid or for rural areas it can have its own grid. The options will be weighed in conjunction with the local laws of that country. Malawi and Burkina Faso are the current targets for the organization as they are countries in the top ten countries with the list supply of electricity.

Furthermore, Africa Excellency a Branch to Africzech is also targeting on introducing solar dyers to farmers so that the agriculture mechanism sector can be improved. This consists of well-built mechanisms which harvest solar heat/radiation in a much cleaner way and works faster than open air drying. Africa’s economy is also agro-based therefore there is a need to make use of this abundant free amount of energy. More so, the project will be spread to other countries.

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